OHK Sports Interview by Jason Tenzer

“You’re going to like the way you play, we guarantee it” – Oren & Ed.

I met Golf Sply Co at the PGA Fashion in Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this year.  There was a line of golf pro’s ready to step up to the practice mat to take their chance at sinking an 8-footer on The Perfect Practice Mat.  Well, I got in line as well.  I stepped up … waggled the putter a bit (not too much because I didn’t want a slow play penalty) … looked down the mat one last time …then let her go.  Immediately, I knew I was off.  That’s alright because my purpose of meeting Golf Sply Co was not to make an 8-footer, but to get to the know the team.







This is what I learned from Ed Mileto at Golf Sply Co.

How did you become part of OHK Sports?

EM: When I first moved down to South Florida I was introduced to Oren through a mutual friend. At the time, he had another company that I was brought on to help scale. We worked together on that for about four years and then decided to pivot and launch Golf Sply Co. It was a natural evolution and we’ve been working hard building Golf Sply Co as a team since day one.


What is the Perfect Practice Putting Mat?

EM: The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is an at-home, office, or on the road training aid. Our mat allows you to practice putting anywhere, anytime. We designed our product to teach proper technique and help golfers build confidence and muscle memory that translates on the course. What resulted was the ultimate game-improvement tool that quickly allows any golfer to shave strokes off their score. Basically, we recognized that putting results in nearly half your strokes, but is only given 10% of a golfer’s practice time. We want to change that. Everyone can improve at putting. Using our mat is the quickest and easiest way to do it!










What makes the Perfect Practice Putting Mat better than the other putting mats on the market?

EM: Everyone has seen or used some version of a putting mat if they are into golf.

There are golf studios that have high quality mats for teaching professionals. They are big, bulky, and cost $700+. Not the type of thing most people would want to install in their home. On the other hand, many of the inexpensive models we see aren’t high quality. They don’t roll true and are not a great way to improve your putting. That’s where we come in.

There are a few important things the Perfect Practice Putting Mat does better than any other mat on the market:

Our mats are made with a unique Crystal Velvet material allowing the golf ball to roll identical to a perfect green. With our Tru-Roll Technology the ball rolls 10-14 on the Stimp depending what surface is under the mat.

Special alignment aids – when it comes to putting you need your aim to be dead on. Our “train track” target lines are key to teaching you consistent aim.

The mat has two holes – one regulation and one reduced-size. Spend some time on the smaller hole and trust us, the regulation cup will feel like you’re putting into a bucket!

A slight uphill slope to the cup breaks the common amateurs habit of leaving putts short.

It’s extremely portable – the mat rolls up, and the ball return is actually 3 pieces held  together with magnets. The entire mat breaks down small enough to throw in the car or take on a plane. It also sets up in just seconds. You can easily take it between the home and the office, or on the road with you if you travel.

Automatic ball return – this allows you to get in a rhythm and no electricity is required.


What type of response have you been receiving from the golf world?

EM: The response we have gotten from the golf world has been amazing! We couldn’t be more proud of the positive feedback we’ve received. It deeply moves us that we’ve been able to help so many people achieve an improved putting game. We’ve sold thousands of units in only a few short months and are excited to get our product in the hands of more golfers soon. The mat is also trusted by over 25 PGA Tour Pros including Marc Leishman, Joaco Niemann, Charles Howell, Tony Finau and many more.


Malcolm Gladwell says I need 10,000 hours to master a skill.  That’s 20 hours a week X 10 years. Do I need to spend 10 years practicing on your Putting Mat to become a better putter?

EM: Absolutely not. What makes our putting mat so special is once you start your practice, you can start noticing changes VERY quickly. In fact, a majority of our users reported dramatic improvement on the greens and lower scorecards within just the first week of using it. One user reported the following results after only three weeks:

“I got the Perfect Practice Mat 3 weeks before my club championship and used it almost every day. Missed nothing under 4 feet all weekend and one putted 8 greens! Ended up tying my best score ever and winning the tournament!!” – Tony F

All it takes is 5-10 minutes a few times a week and we guarantee you’ll shoot lower scores!










Is the Perfect Practice Putting Mat for everyone or just serious golfers?

EM: Our putting mat is for everyone since everyone can get better at putting. If you don’t want to take our word for it see what Marc Leishman had to say:

“It’s awesome mate! For the elite and for kids too, my boys love it. It’s teaching them the correct alignment…Thanks for the mat and looking forward to making more putts!!” 


What do you think about anchoring your putter?

EM: That is a tricky rule. We’ll defer to the PGA Rules Officials J


What putter do you have in your bag right now?

EM: Bobby Grace Lo Pro Blade 2018 – I love it! Oren probably has about four putters in his bag/trunk.


Who is a better putter, you or Oren Kantor?

EM: I’m going to say Oren here. However, I do hold the record for 32 consecutive putts made from 8’ on the Perfect Practice Putting Mat!


Tell me something I didn’t ask about.

EM: We’re super excited to announce were going to be launching a host of new products this Fall/Winter that will be available for sale on our website www.golfsply.co. These products, just as our Perfect Practice Putting Mat, will be quality motivated and thoughtfully designed with a fine regard for detail.


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