Sparms Product Review By Jason Tenzer


I was introduced to Sparms America by the National Sales Manager.  I have seen golfers on the local dog track as well as professionals on the LPGA and PGA tours wearing sun sleeves.  I always considered them to be too warm to wear in the heat, so I never looked into them.  I’m guessing most people felt the same way.  Well, after a few lengthy conversations, I was informed that the sleeves are for sun protection and actually cool you down.  I’m sold.



There are 2 different types of sleeves, the Sun Sleeve and the Shoulder Wrap.  The Sun Sleeve is exactly what it sounds like … it’s a sleeve.  Picture a sleeve without a shirt attached.  The 2nd sleeve is the Shoulder Wrap.  I’m not too sold on this one (yet).  It’s looks uncomfortable and constricting (wrong).





The Sun Sleeve and Shoulder Wrap both feel amazing.  Sparms uses a patented lightweight Italian fabric to provide optimal comfort.  They are moisture wicking, breathable, quick dry, and are soft on the skin.  The material is 90% Meryl Microfiber and 10% Spandex.





My initial thoughts were proven correct.  The Sun Sleeve had to be pulled up more frequently than I hoped for (I am possibly in between sizes and went with the larger one.  I want to try the smaller size.) and the Shoulder Wrap was perfect.  Once I got over the initial look of the Should Wrap and let the product do the talking, I was good to go.  After a few minutes, I forgot it was a wrap.  It felt like a lightweight undershirt … well, without the shirt.  It kept my arms cool and not once did I feel as if they were too hot.  In fact, the more you move the cooler they get (it’s science, trust me).





In conclusion, Sparms puts out an amazing product.  Their product is so good that over 100 professional athletes wear and promote Sparms without being paid one penny.  Anytime you see an athlete wearing another brand’s sleeve, they are getting paid to wear it.  If I had to choose which I would continue to wear, my choice would be the Shoulder Wrap.  No need to ever pull up the sleeve with the Should Wrap.

“Amazing Product!  Amazing fabric, fits perfectly and so comfortable to wear!  Very impressed and would love to get one in each colour”



“Great Product!  I just love them!  They are so comfortable and the quality is great!  So, I have ordered more.”

“Sparmazing!  No more slimy sunscreen with sweat running down the arms wwhilst trying to hold a bow in an archery competition.  He is well protected for sunburn.”

“I wanted these 60 years ago.  As a golfer with a handicap that requires a lot of swinging, they fit well, are comfortable, and absorb the perspiration.  I am now on my 3rd sleeve!  Great fit and last for a long time”.

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