The BEST $10 You Will Spend on Your Golf Game in 2023!

We wanted to create a world-class golf training aid that gives you INSTANT feedback on your swing and how to fix it. And I’m proud to say that we did it. The MGS Speed Trap is a revolutionary training aid that will transform your golf swing in minutes per day. Whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned pro… The MGS Speed Trap will help you swing on the correct plane, giving you yards of effortless, accurate distance…


If you’re struggling with a nasty slice… And spend half your round out in the rough looking for your ball. Or if you’re mis-hitting your irons… And you have a weak, low drive that barely clears 200 yards… There’s a simple reason why this is happening. Your golf swing follows an OUTSIDE-IN path.

This means the head of your golf club goes too far in front of your body (aka, starting outside)… Then it comes back into the ball (inside)… Almost all amateur golfers have an outside-in swing… And it costs them yards of distance off the tee… Puts excess pressure on your back and spine increasing the risk of injury… And causes weak, inconsistent results off the tee and with your irons.

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