I love to look for different equipment to review, everyone out there is always reviewing the latest driver, putter, ball etc. I happen to find a company making a unique set of irons, the Walking Sticks Golf Clubs, LLC company is making a set of irons like I have never seen before. Most standard sets of irons consist of a 3 iron through a sand wedge, for a total of 9 irons.


A company out of Mequon, Wisconsin has developed a set of irons with the same lofts as a standard set but has done it only using 3 irons instead of 9. They have managed to do this by making each iron adjustable. The irons are broken up by groupings of three. There is a 3/4/5 iron, a 6/7/8 iron and a 9/PW/SW iron. The way they accomplish this feat is by making each iron adjustable. There is a small lever on each iron that allows a golfer to pick which specific iron they would like to choose for each shot they need to play.



It’s a very easy adjustment to make and takes very little time to accomplish it. To make the adjustment you just need to release the lever and move the iron head to the desired iron you want, 6 iron, 7 iron etc. Each iron is clearly marked. All you need to do is line up the lines for each specific iron you would like. There is a uniquely crafted integrating set of teeth manufactured into the hosel and the head of the iron. When the lever is clamped back down the two sets of teeth mate together and the iron acts like any standard iron made. Both the hosel and the head are manufactured out of 17.4 ph stainless steel, this being the case it should provide the golfer with years of maintenance free use. If you happen to get mud or sand in the level slot or the gear teeth you can easily clean it out by running the iron under some water, or tapping the grip gently on a hard surface. I want to provide you some specific on the lofts of each iron.



Combination 3/4/5 iron
● 3 iron loft setting of 21 degrees
● 4 iron loft setting of 25 degrees
● 5 iron loft setting of 29 degrees


Combination 6/7/8
● 6 iron loft setting of 32 degrees
● 7 iron loft setting of 36 degrees
● 8 iron loft setting of 40 degrees


Combination 9/PW/SW
● 9 iron loft setting of 44 degrees
● PW iron loft setting of 49 degrees
● SW iron loft setting of 54 degrees


The Walking Sticks Golf Clubs set comes with a specially designed 7” diameter double strap stand­-up bag. The smaller bag along with the reduced amount of clubs needed to carry can reduce the amount of weight you would carry by 50%. This is a full featured stand bag just in a smaller size. There are plenty of pockets for balls and gear if you so choose to fill it up. But the whole goal is to keeps things lighter and more pleasant to walk a round of golf, so in my opinion less is more. I carried the 3 irons provided by Walking Sticks, a driver, hybrid and a putter. So I was able to hit all the shots I usually hit during a round with while only carrying 6 clubs. If a golfer chooses to add a 3 wood or an extra wedge they can easily, there is plenty of room in this bag.


Walking Sticks Golf Clubs Bag


The set they sent to me came with graphite shafts because I wanted to match my current set of clubs I was playing as closely as I possibly could. The irons come with a nice rubber grip and the flex was a standard men’s flex on the irons. The instructions that came with the set mentions that after hitting each club there may need some re­-adjustments made to the iron. This was the case with me also. They provided me with an allen wrench to re-­adjust (tighten) the irons during their break in period, since then I have not had to make any additional adjustments. The irons felt just a little heavier than my current set of irons but I quickly made the adjustment to that. After the first round of I noticed that I was consistently coming up short on my shots by about one club on each shot. I wrote it off to early season form and the fact that the temperatures were only in the mid 50’s and the balls tend to fly a little less under those conditions. Upon further review with my current iron specs I realized that my set has a stronger set of lofts then the Walking Stick Golf Clubs. My current Pitching Wedge was closer to their 9 iron, this made me feel much better about my initial observation about hitting my shots short. So I would be recommend that if you purchase a set of these irons you check out your current set and see how they measure up. This might save you some frustration as well as saving you some of your pride. I have an executive par 3 course really close by where I live and the Walking Sticks Golf Irons are a perfect match for this course. I could even get away with carrying only three clubs while playing there, the 6/7/8 iron, the 9/SW/PW and my putter.


Walking Sticks Golf Club Set

The Walking Sticks Golf Clubs are a set­-up that is definitely thinking outside of the box as far as equipment goes. They are ideal and perfectly designed for the golfer who wants to walk a round of golf again. This will save you money in carts fees along with the extra workout the golfer receives from walking the course versus riding in a golf cart. This set is also ideal as a set of clubs you would travel with because they certainly take up less space than the traditional set. So if you are a golfer that is looking to try something a little different and you have been looking to get a little more exercise in your life please take a look into the Walking Sticks Golf Club set. You can check them out on their website for more information and details.


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