The Perfect Practice Putting Mat Review by Jason Tenzer

“It’s awesome mate! For the elite and for kids too, my boys love it. It’s teaching them the correct alignment…Thanks for the mat and looking forward to making more putts!!” – Marc Leishman – PGA Tour Pro


I met OHK Sports when I was planning on attending the PGA Fashion Show in Las Vegas, NV in August 2019.  As I always do, I research the vendors that will be there and then I reach out to the ones I think our golfers would like to hear about.  OHK Sports and their Perfect Practice Putting Mat made that list.


When I received my Perfect Practice Putting Mat in the mail, I cracked it open immediately and didn’t see an instruction booklet.  My first thought was, “uh oh, Ikea nightmare”.  I could not have been more wrong.  Once you take the 5 pieces out, it is understandable why there are not instructions.

Time to set up:  2 minutes

Time to drain my first putt:  1 putt

Time for my dog to think it’s his:  5 minutes

Time for my wife to tell me to get it out of the living room:  1 putt (she didn’t really tell me that … it was the conversation in my head immediately after draining putt #1)


It’s slick.  OHK Sports really did their homework when it came to designing the Perfect Practice Mat.  The natural wood finish not only gives it a nice look, the color of the finish does not distract my eyeline (that’s really the most important part of the finish).  The Back Stop means you will not be chasing those putts that are destined to blow by the hole by 3 feet.  Your putt will hit the Back Stop, drop into the Auto Ball Return area that feeds the ball down a small path, and returns to the putting surface.  The Auto Ball Return works for all putts that either sink or go too far.  The 3rd part that gets the ball back to you is the slope you need to climb to reach the hole.  If you’re a little short, the ball rolls right back to your feet.  And my favorite part of the entire Perfect Practice Mat are the 2 holes to shoot for – 1 is regulation size and 1 is approximately ½ the size.  GENIUS!  Unlike many other putting mats, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat has different lines for you to use at set up.  The last part of the design is the thin putting surface.  Because it sits nearly on the floor, you will never feel as if your putter stands up too high like many other putting surfaces.


In one word … YES!  Unless you completely shank your putt or hit it unbelievably short, you will never chase a putt down the hallway.  The Auto Ball Return and Back Stop make sure that doesn’t happen.  I found the lines on the mat for set up help more than I thought, the more I used it.  They assist in the take-away and follow through.  When you start seeing your putter waver a little bit offline, start over.  I noticed that 90% of the time I started over, I sank that putt.  Maybe now when I’m on the course, I’ll be able to stop my putt when I feel my take-away isn’t correct.


The Perfect Practice Mat is a training aid that all golfers need.  I can almost guarantee that once you start using your Mat, you will start playing games at home with family (my 6 year old daughter loves it), friends, or solo.  You’ll start seeing how many 2-10 footers you can make in a row or how many you can make in the small hole in a row.  I can’t wait to start my routine of a few minutes a day and then see the improvement on the course.


Most golfers don’t practice besides the few minutes before their round.  Most golfers wish they had something easy at their home or office (their bosses probably don’t wish this) to use to help their game.  The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is easy to set up, helps your game immensely, is fun, and is not expensive.  At $129.99, you can make that back quickly when you start draining more putts on the course.
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