Longtime Tour Pro Guilty of Rookie Mistake

Longtime Tour Pro Guilty of Rookie Mistake

Lee Westwood has been a tour pro for nearly three decades, but he still managed to make a rookie mistake on at a recent...
Pro Surprised He Makes Hole-in-One

Pro Couldn’t Believe He Made Hole-in-One

It had to be one of the most delayed hole-in-one celebrations in the history of the PGA Tour. Even as television cameras caught John Huh’s...
Our Favorite Tour Players to Watch

Our Favorite PGA Tour Players to Watch – and Some We’d Skip

Most PGA Tour events are kind of like a two for one deal. The first two rounds begin on Thursday and golfers must make...

Phil Mickelson’s trip to St. Andrews was disappointing to say the least

Phil Mickelson was as far away as he could be on Friday when Tiger Woods made his special walk up the 18th hole at the Old Course. On hole 18, people cheered for Woods and made him tear up. Mickelson was out around the turn of this two-mile-long golf course, where there were no spectators or seagulls...
Finau's Rarely Used Secret Weapon

Tony Finau’s Rarely Used Secret Weapon

The relationship between distance and ball speed can vary slightly, but it’s safe to assume that every mile per hour increase in ball speed...
Tiger Impresses in Comeback

Tiger Impresses in Comeback, Falls Short of Daly at PNC

Tiger Woods passed the first test of his latest comeback with flying colors. He and son Charlie teamed to reel off a tournament record 11...
Why the Saudi Golf Offers are So Enticing

Why the Saudi Golf Offers are So Enticing According to Pat Perez

Pat Perez isn't involved in the chase, but he's enjoying watching everything unfold in front of him. The 21-year-old PGA Tour veteran confesses that those...

The nine worst etiquette violations, ranked!

While it's not illegal to disregard social norms, doing so might bring about shame and condemnation. How severe of a reprimand do you think you need? How serious your trespass will be is conditional on the circumstances. The following is an order of severity for nine separate infractions...
Life Changing Diagnosis Discovered

Life Changing Diagnosis Discovered After Wayward Shot

Twitter is often a place filled with anger and hate, even in the golf sphere, but once in a while it provides us with...
PGA Tour Yardage Book Restrictions

PGA Tour Yardage Book Restrictions Coming in 2022

It looks as though the PGA’s new rule regarding the use of yardage books has the greenlight. While the restrictions won’t be enforced until...
Rangefinder for Shaky Hands

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