Older Golfer Younger Swing

Older Golfers Can Do This to Keep Their Swing Young

That old saying about Father Time being undefeated? It’s tired, sure, but it’s also correct. Everyone gets older, and as they do, their athletic performance...
Bomber's Golf Swing Reveals Surprising Secret

Video of Legendary Bomber’s Golf Swing Reveals Surprising Secret

In terms of pure distance, Jamie Sadlowski is probably the best pound-for-pound driver of the ball in golf history. If that feels like a bold...
Avoid Ruining Your Round with These 5 Tips

Avoid Ruining Your Round with These 5 Tips

Congrats, you got much better at golf in 2021! But now it’s time to take your game one step further this offseason. That’s right,...
5 Distances, One Swing

How to Get 5 Different Distances Out of 1 Swing

One skill that many better players have is the ability to hit one club several different distances when needed. For higher handicappers, this can seem like...
10 Signs You'll Hit a Bad Shot

10 Signs You Are Going to Hit a Bad Shot Before You Swing

I'll go ahead and state the obvious: Golf is hard. The margin for error is slim, and even the slightest misstep can result in disaster. Synchronizing...
The "Driver-Drawzone"

The “Driver-Drawzone” | Gain 20 Yards & Shape the Ball from Left to Right...

Here's something we could all use a little help with - gaining yards off the tee. Aaron Olson is a Golf Digest Top 100...
Quick Tip: Avoiding Chunk Shots

Quick Tip: Avoiding Chunk Shots

Do you struggle with chunking your shots? Here is a familiar scenario - finding your ball lying right in front of the water and...
2 Tips for Practicing on a Mat

Top 100 Teacher Gives His 2 Best Tips for Practicing on a Mat

Well golf fans, winter is officially here. While the pros have retreated to warmer climates for the first stanza of 2022, many of the rest of us...
Control Your Distance Like a PGA Pro

How To Spin Your Wedges & Control Your Distance Like a PGA Tour Pro

Here's another Sunday Swing Tip from our resident golf pro, Aaron Olson. Everybody wants to know more about how to spin their wedges. We've...
A Strong, Neutral & Weak Golf Grip

The Difference Between A Strong, Neutral & Weak Grip

Have you ever been told to “strengthen your grip?” Maybe someone has told you that “your grip is too strong” and no, they aren’t...
Rangefinder for Shaky Hands

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