What is the 2Skills Stroke of Luck?
JM:  The Stroke of Luck® game is a melding of putting and games of chance, like poker, blackjack or high/low.  You throw a die to determine your putting “tee” and then putt for your best hand. Any game of chance like five-card draw or Texas Hold ‘Em can be played with “SofL” (Stroke of Luck).
How did you come up with the name of the company and product?
JM:  Tom Muldowney, our Board Chairman, came up with the idea after attending “one-too-many” charity golf event rainouts. The combination of two skills, putting and poker, gave rise to 2Skills, LLC; the “Stroke of Luck” is also an inference of combining two games. One of our board members, Dr. Arnie Rosen, came up with the moniker of the game; one suggestion out of 200+ names
What if I don’t know how to play poker?
JM:  Poker is a simple enough game to teach someone; certainly, most people know the ranks and suits of a deck of cards.  For kids or novices, start out with a simple game of “high/low.”

Will being a good putter help my chances of beating my friends?
JM:  Absolutely, and there are ways of introducing a “break” to the game mat, or special conditions for the 4 wild card spots.  Also, each roll of the dice makes the next hand different because the “tee” changes
Will playing The Stroke of Luck improve my putting skills?
JM:  Yes indeed.  “Practice, practice, practice.”  That’s how you get to Carnegie Hall, and how you improve your putting skills.
During your “office meetings”, who at 2Skills wins the most?
JM:  Board member Karl Schmitt is undoubtedly our best player, and he won’t hesitate to tell you that. 😊
Which professional golfer would you like to challenge to a game of 5 card stud on the Stroke of Luck?
JM:  Karl naturally says he’ll take on all “comers,” but he’s positive he can trounce Phil Michelson.
When I see you at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando in January 2020, what will our wager be on a game?
JM:  If Karl’s putting for the group, oh…how about a “steak & martini dinner?”  If John Muldowney’s putting, simply bragging rights
JT:  I love a steak & martini as much as the next guy, but I think I’ll stick with the bragging rights.
Tell me something about 2Skills or The Stroke of Luck our golfers would like to hear?
JM:  The game is contagious.  Country clubs place it in their Club Grill for their members/guests. It goes great with a Scotch and a cigar.  Folks have taken it to business meetings, after golf tournaments, and several have showed up at wedding receptions.  The new version is lighter, with more vibrant colors, the stimp is rated at a more accommodating 10-11, and it is certainly more affordable.  It is a great Christmas gift for the whole family, or the “man-cave.”
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