Bears on the course

Eagles, Birdies and…Bears?

This week has been full of news of bears taking over courses to the amusement of the onlooking golfers who made sure to keep their distance. The curious troublemakers just wanted to have a little fun too.
At one course, a group of golfers came across three young cubs on the green ahead and captured some adorable footage. One of the cubs decides to take on the flagstick and we aren’t sure who is winning this fight.

Our next video comes from a golfer who had a scary encounter with a bear who chased him for a bit before it came across a more nefarious enemy…the golf bag. In the clip from ViralHog, we see the bear curiously approach the unsuspecting clubs only to get spooked once he got too close.

It’s clear that this guy isn’t too sure about the suspicious intruder and seems to get a little braver each time he approaches. This doesn’t last long as he gives the clubs one last charge before changing his mind and climbing rather quickly up a nearby tree.
One of the things we love about golf is how close we are able to get to the wildlife on the course. While we love seeing these cute encounters, we are perfectly comfortable not witnessing them up close.

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