Eli Manning Throws Subtle Shade at Peyton on the Course

It’s fair to say that Eli Manning has always lived in his older brother’s shadow. Both he and Peyton found tremendous success in the NFL and continue to capitalize on their fame through commercial deals now that they’ve retired.
The Mannings are also both fans of golf and Eli has been putting a little extra practice into his swing. During the Memorial Tournament Pro-Am, the younger Manning showed us how his post-retirement practice has been going. It also seems he’s been working on his trash-talk.
In a video below by the PGA Tour, Eli sends one straight down the middle and, satisfied with his shot, goes for the early tee grab. It didn’t take long for one of the spectators to make yet another comparison to his big brother, Peyton. Eli was ready for it though and threw some shade that was subtle, yet effective:

Eli Manning’s swing and shade throwing game are on point.

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