Fan Steals Bryson's Ball

Fan Steals Bryson’s Ball at the Tour Championship

Bryson is known for hitting bombs and attacking tee shot with the straightest line to the hole. Sometimes, this strategy is a little risky and can lead to a less than desirable lie. Matter of fact, he almost had to tack on a penalty stroke because of it on Saturday.

An Aggressive Line

DeChambeau hit his tee shot far left of the fairway on 18 in an effort to land it near the 10th hole and gain an advantage on his next shot. However, things didn’t quite go as planned. Instead, DeChambeau overshot it and ended up near 11, way off from where he needed to be.
It got even worse from there.
When Bryson arrived at the reported landing spot, his ball was nowhere to be found. DeChambeau was left searching for a few minutes before officials decided to check the footage for answers. A Shot Link camera captured evidence of a fan simply walking off with Bryson’s ball shortly after it landed.
Under the Rules of Golf, DeChambeau did not have to take a penalty drop on the hole due to the fan interference. After the drop, he ended up sinking the putt for Birdie. He declined to speak with the media after his round, but cameras captured the incident.

4 thoughts on “Fan Steals Bryson’s Ball at the Tour Championship”

  1. How lucky can one man get, lost ball in TIO, free drop from sod seam, & now lost ball & free drop due to a fan picking up his ball. Let’s continue to pamper this egotistical nut case.

  2. Just the rules of golf, and Bryson has certainly enlivened watching golf as he changes the established ideas of how to play the game. Nothing nutty about it, he applies logic to all aspects of his game and with amazing results.

  3. John Patrick Gilroy

    Hey Mike are you there? Do you have a brain? How in the hell is giving a player a free drop because a fan picked up his ball, pampering? Do you even play golf? Read up on the rules and maybe you’ll stop posting such idiotic comments.

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