Golfer Rips Off Shirt, Flexes Muscles, and Challenges Another Player to a Fight in Viral Video

[WATCH] Footage captures tense confrontation on golf course during dispute over a ball

Our job is to keep you up-to-date on all the most important golf-related content on the web. Well, in a serious dereliction of my duties, I reluctantly present to you this week’s issue of “Golfers Gone Crazy.”

A viral video captured a golfer ripping his shirt off, flexing his muscles (well, that’s up for dispute, easy there Tiger – #RoadRage or should I say #Roidrage), and challenging a person to a fight during an apparent argument about a stolen ball. 

A man in a green shirt, standing next to his golf cart and clutching a golf ball, then told someone in another one of the carts, “You’ll leave after I don’t give you a GD thing.” Well, green guy, that threat inherently has no value. It actually sounds like it would have been a nice, peaceful resolution to this egregious issue of touching another’s golf ball on the local muni. The guy leaves, and the green guy gives them nothing. Boom! Done! Oh, but Wait! – there’s more...The problem – he still had in his firm grasp their Pinnacle and Walter and friends drew a HARD line in the sand – they weren’t leaving without that $.47 cent golf ball.

The clip of the epic all-time mid-life crisis meltdown, posted on TikTok this week, begins with a person saying, “We got a Karen on the golf course right now.”

“I’m not getting in a fight at a golf course over a f—ing golf ball,” someone in that cart could be heard saying as the argument escalated. Here we go: “Let’s get Ready to Rumble…”

“You’re the one who approached me, and I asked you to no longer speak,” the green-shirted golfer said before a woman pointed at him and shouted, “You took her ball!” 

“Dude, I’m not going to fight you over a f—ing golf ball,” the man in the cart then again said, to which the man in the green shirt replied, “You’re right, you’re not going to, Walter because I’ll plant your bi*** a** – Now get the f— off the cart!”  Now, I am not Nostradamus, but I don’t see Ol’ Greenie and Walter playing together again anytime soon in the member-member event. Find a new partner, Walter, Green guy will be hitting the gym or getting into videotaped fist fights with teenagers at the local putt putt.

The situation then took a sharp turn as the man ripped off his green shirt, started flexing his muscles, and started yelling.  I see a strong future in the WWE or some other profession that involves hyper-masculation, gross overestimation of one’s capabilities, and the ability to undress in public without a second thought…

Personally, he seems like someone who shoots 109, plays in 5 1/2 hours, and needs a good ole’ fashion a** whoopin’! Maybe that’s just me! Ill just show myself out…

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