Hilarious ‘Team Shirts’ Poke Fun at the Brooks-Bryson Drama

For months, golf fans have watched the back and forth between golf’s biggest rivals. From the infamous eyeroll to taunts of ‘Brooksy’ from fans, you either love or hate this long-running feud.

After both golfers were selected for the Ryder Cup team, everyone wondered how their drama might affect the event. But to everyone’s surprise, the two exchanged a couple of quick friendly moments that were caught on camera.

The U.S. Ryder Cup team dominated the Europeans last weekend. There had been some speculation before the tournament surround how players like Brooks and Bryson would behave. Both golfers were instrumental in helping to bring their team to victory. They were even able to get along for a whole week.

Following their big win, the U.S. teammates were celebrating and found a way to poke fun at all the attention surrounding the two golfers. Justin Thomas posted images on his Instagram showing off the ‘team shirts” they were all wearing.

The hilarious shirts feature an image from the movie “Step Brothers” with Brooks and Bryson’s faces superimposed over the picture. In the movie, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly play adult step brothers. Their relationship is quite contentious in the beginning with each brother trying to one up the other. After some ridiculous antics, the two unite against a common enemy and end up becoming the best of friends.

While we aren’t holding out hope that Brooks and Bryson will be life-long buddies, the reference here is fitting. Even Bryson got in on the fun in a Twitter post featuring the golfer celebrating while carrying a Ryder Cup Sign with Sergio Garcia’s name on it.

The Americans defeated the Europeans for the first time since 2016. The score wasn’t even closer either with the U.S. closing out the tournament on top at 19-9. Who knows maybe we will get to see Brooks and Bryson put all of this behind them.

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