Mickelson Amazing Shot

Steph Curry Helps Phil Mickelson Pull Off Amazing Shot

Phil Mickelson loves showing off his many talents for his fans on social media. From his trick shots to his hilarious dance moves, it seems like there isn’t much Phil can’t do. Just a couple of weeks ago, Mickelson posted a video of him swing a kick right over actor Chris O’Donnell’s head.

O’Donnell was a good sport about it, although he did cover his eyes and we get why he may be a bit nervous.

Lefty recently convinced another celebrity to be his test subject for one of his famous tricks. Steph Curry, who plays for the Golden State Warriors and stands well over 6 feet tall, placed himself just a few inches in front of Mickelson. The NBA Superstar watched nervously as Phil explains the move he is about to attempt.
“You’re a little taller than my normal test subjects here,” Mickelson said moments before the shot. “I’m going to just drive the club into the ground and hope for the best.”
Then, with the face of his wedge completely open and flat against the ground, and with Curry turning his head slightly away, Lefty took a big swipe and pulled off the shot.
Then, after taking a couple of seconds to process what just happened, Curry says “thank you” to Mickelson and gives him a big hug.
“Nervous?” Mickelson asked. “Were your eyes open?”
“I don’t even know,” Curry said.

Mickelson teamed with Charles Barkley to defeat Steph Curry and Peyton Manning in The Match III in Arizona last November.