Meltdown in 3…2…1

Pro carelessly breaks rule twice, loses 4 balls — and maybe broke the internet

Julien Brun hits his tee shot on Thursday on the 3rd hole at Marco Simone Golf & Country Club. This is what he had to say…

“I sucked.”

Yeah, he kinda did. Since Julien Brun said it himself, that gives us some license to go ahead and confirm it.

Hopes had been high for the 31-year-old Frenchman on Saturday at the DP World Tour’s Italian Open. He had opened with an even-par 71 during the first round at Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, home of this year’s Ryder Cup, then followed it up with a 70, and Brun had weekend tee times. He even posted some encouraging words on an Instagram post: “Blue vibes in Italy. Let’s move up the board this weekend!” 

(Hold onto the thought of Instagram for just a sec.)

But then Saturday came. And oh boy, get you’re popcorn ready! That’s when things started disastrously…And they didn’t stop. The former star at Texas Christian bogeyed 1. And 4. And 6 and 7. And he double-bogeyed 11. And 12 and 14. And he bogeyed 15 and 17. Brun actually birdied three holes, but the bad far outweighed the good, and he signed for a 12-over 83. Heck, I shot an 81 over the weekend – albeit at my public muni with a few “pick it up – that’s good” peppered in…but I’m just sayin’

Sounds bad right… wait, There’s more. 

As you’d expect, those bogeys and doubles were plain unsightly. I mean like the type that makes you consider quitting at 13, but you know it is a walk of shame that we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy, so, we determine for the greater good, PLUS– it’s just too damn far back to the clubhouse. We press on – “Once more into the breach my dear friends”. With shoulders slumped like Ralphie who thought he didn’t get his Red Rider BB gun for Christmas, but still with a glimmer of unsubstantiated hope that it can all be turned around with just one great shot. Just one! However, the rest of your 4-some, NOT SO SURE, is maintaining a safe distance as they know with each passing shot potential disaster awaits! Oh, it’s coming and everyone knows it!

That’s a story for another day – And maybe, just maybe, that one that belongs to me…This one, however, belongs to Mr. Brun. I’ll show myself out…

Here’s the breakdown on how the Jenga pieces came a-crumbling down…On the 1st, Brun was hit with a penalty stroke for lifting his ball and trying to clean it. Ok, we let that one slide as on Thursday and Friday, the move had been allowed, so the careless mistake was at least understandable. 

Oh, you just wait…There’s more.  A Lot moreKEEP READING 👇👇👇👇👇

On the 8th, Brun hit his tee shot into the water. On the 11th, he hit another tee shot into the water. On the 12th, he lost his tee shot. On the 14th, he hit his tee shot out of bounds. 

Nope, not done… Here is where it gets spicy!

On the 11th, Brun missed a 2-footer. On the 12th, he missed a 5-footer. On the 17th, he missed another 5-footer.

There’s more. Much more. This is actually the best part. I know that sounds terrible, but what can I say I am unapologetic in my journalism – call it like I see it, baby.

We know all these details because Brun said them himself. 

Back to his Instagram.

On Saturday, he posted this story (and the DP World Tour shared it on their social feeds):

“83 today! I sucked! [🥹 ⛳]

“2 penalty strokes for lifting the ball on the fairway … did it twice on my first 6 holes. [Laughing emoji.] Lost 4 balls (3 holes in a row … [Shrug emoji.])

“Missed 3 putts inside 5ft” I literally don’t think it can get any worse,” said the for some reason upbeat Brun –

“But I laughed a lot out there and I am looking forward to my 7:10 am tee time tomorrow to play some good golf tomorrow!

Yes, this is great — after an 83. There’s no taking yourself too seriously. There’s flushing away the bad. There’s bouncing back. Drive in the rearview mirror too long and you WILL crash.

Which he did. Well kind of…both of them really crashed and bounced back – [insert glass half full analogy here]

On Sunday, Brun was back at it. He was eight strokes better, though a 75 isn’t all that great. But he posted again to his Instagram story. 

“We improved today!

“No penalties.” – Mr. Brun – we salute you – that’s a win in our book.

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