The Craziest Holes in One in Golf | These Guys Are GOOD!!!

Today we just wanted to have a little fun and send out a video of the best, wildest, luckiest, and most pure golf shots that found the bottom of the cup in one shot. #PGA #TheseGuysAreGood

We all have that one guy in our group. You know him, his swing is average at best, he is lucky to break 100 yets he has multiple holes in one.

Then enter the other guy in the group. You know him as well, he has a textbook perfect swing, always shoots in the ’70s and on an off day will fire an 84. This guy has tremendous ball striking and it just sounds different coming off the clubface. (for the record I am describing myself – LOL)

Comment below and tell us you’re BEST hole-in-one story. I will personally read them all and crown someone the winner of the “Hole in One” Story contest. I may even send out a Bridgestone golf ball from Tiger Woods that I got from him personally.

3 thoughts on “The Craziest Holes in One in Golf | These Guys Are GOOD!!!”

  1. On May 1st, 1990, I was playing in a American Sprinkler Association outing at Eagle’s Nest GC in Sewell, NJ. The night before, there was heavy rain and storms, so the back 9 was closed. Before we teed off the Pro announced that the $10000 hole in one hole, #4 would only count the first time we played it. So naturally, we started on that hole into a 30 MPH wind. I hit driver and was a little short of the green. Well, 2 hours later, we came around again and this time, I hit 3 wood, the wind had slowed down. My ball hit about 10 yards short of the green and rolled straight into the cup. Some of the volunteers realized that this was our 2nd time playing it, but the tournament director promised he would get the prize. Long story short, he didn’t and they passed the hat for me at dinner, which netted $93. What a bummer and for the icing on the cake, the guys in the Pro shop tossed the score card!!!It’s my first and only.

    1. Brutal – Crazy game. But tossing the scorecard – Even the starter at the local muni knows better than that should an ace peacefully grace your

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