This has to be the Craziest Golf Drill

This has to be the Craziest Golf Drill of All Time

It’s safe to say that we don’t expect Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy to use this drill on the PGA Tour anytime soon after seeing a video of a golfer demonstrating the craziest golf drill ever recorded on social media.

The video, which was released on Instagram by the well-known @hackpatrol account, shows our amateur golfer putting a range bucket over his head while another bucket controls his arms and chest movements.

He also places a range bucket behind him with an alignment stick, well, going straight up his… 

The drill could probably do with an extra bit of work, however, as he ends up shanking the ball well right of his intended target line. 

Anyway, each to their own and all that.


Here’s how golf fans reacted to the video post: 

“Some say he’s a cagey player.”

“The bucket between the arms is not a bad idea to be fair.”

“Definitely giving this a go at the weekend.”

“Haha he absolutely shanked it.”

“Love this. Trying it tomorrow.”

“Great impact position.”

“This is the best drill I’ve ever seen.”

“Well I’ve seen it all now.”

“Not sure Tiger Woods will be using this one.”

“WTF is he doing… golf is not for him.”

“Imagine rocking up to St Andrews and doing this on the range.”

“I tell you what, I’ll make sure I keep that posture right with that alignment stick in a scary position.”

“Why have I never thought of this drill?”

“What a guy. This is sick.”

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