Tiger is due for an epic comeback

Tiger is Due for an Epic Comeback, According to Jack Nicklaus

It’s just a matter of time before we see the epic return of Tiger Woods on the golf scene. At least according to Jack Nicklaus.
After his crash in January, Woods has been staying out of the limelight. The golfer was discovered to have been traveling at almost double the posted speed limit. Tiger’s leg injuries were gruesome and numerous. He has had a tough recovery so far. Plus, fans don’t have any clue as to if and when he will compete again.

High Hopes

While there have been sightings and indications of major progress, some fans worry they may never see the GOAT playing on the Tour again. Not everyone is pessimistic, however. Many of Woods’ peers have come forward to say they are extremely hopeful in seeing him play alongside them in the future. One of his biggest supporters is 73-time PGA Tour winner Nicklaus.
“The Golden Bear” recently sat for an interview with the Washington Post where he discussed his high hopes for his friend. Why? Because he’s done it before.
“I know Tiger,” Nicklaus said. “What he did at Torrey Pines [winning the 2008 U.S. Open] on a broken leg, what does that tell you? He’ll still be able to slap it around, and if he can putt, he’ll be all right.”
Nicklaus sounds optimistic but did add that while he will definitely be back, his abilities may not be of the same caliber as before.
“I don’t know if he [Woods] can reach his old level, but I do expect him to play again,” said the 81-year-old.

Putting in Work

Another pal, Rickie Fowler, also has high hopes for Tiger. Fowler did not qualify for The Masters in April and had some company as he watched the tournament from home. Make that Tiger’s home. Turns out Fowler was able to spend some quality one on one time with the legend. He acknowledged that Tiger would need to put in some serious work and the road to recovery would long.
“I know he’s been getting after it as far as rehab goes, that takes up most of his day,” Fowler told reporters ahead of the 3M Open, including Golf Digest. “I know it’s been tough. It’s a long road till now, he’s got a long road ahead, but he’s putting the work in.”
A few weeks later, Tiger’s team revealed that he was “doing well” but had not been playing golf and was still in the middle of his recovery.
“Tiger is in good spirits and doing well, but he has not been able to play any golf at all,” a source close to Woods said. “[He] has not been to ‘The Woods Jupiter,’ his south Florida restaurant, since before the accident in California.”
We have yet to hear from the Tiger himself regarding his progress or plans for the future. For now, his friends are giving us all hope that we will see the GOAT compete again…one day.

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  1. Yes. YES Tiger will be back. Just give him time. This man is not a person to give up. Golf is not the same with out Tiger. I can say this because my son an Tiger grew up together in Cypress Till he went to high school at my old high school at Western hi. so don’t count him out yet.
    Work hard Tiger an get back to one of the things you do best
    Ken Landry

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