Tiger Rejected US Open Broadcast Invite

Ever since his crash in February, fans have been anxious to see Tiger Woods back in golf news.
Due to the severity of his injuries, there wasn’t much of a chance at seeing him in the field of competitors. However, many were holding out hope that Tiger may somehow be involved the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines this week. Among them were NBC personalities Dan Hicks, Paul Azinger, Jim “Bones” Mackay and Tommy Roy, who provided some insight into their team’s efforts to appeal to the former champion in joining the broadcast.
“Yeah, in fact, that’s exactly the line that I was thinking, and we were all thinking is how good that would be, who better, if he couldn’t be there to play it, to voice it and have him a part of the show. But we were rebuffed,” explained Hicks. “He didn’t want to do it, and I totally understand his situation. There is a lot going on in his world right now and there’s also a part of Tiger that doesn’t want to become this, I don’t want to, for lack of a better word, a sideshow at an event where we should be concentrating on what’s happening.”
Hicks went on to say: “Also, I really believe that if you said yes to something, it would just be a non-stop parade of asks, and he would have to just, you know, start telling everybody no. So, yeah, it would have been fantastic to have Tiger a part of it in that sense, but I understand that what’s going on in his world that he wanted to kind of keep it low key and stay out of the limelight for this one and just hopefully he’ll enjoy it at home watching it on TV and be inspired when we talk about what he did 13 years ago and that’s the best we can hope for.”
Last month, Woods gave an interview where he discussed his painful rehab and the challenges he has faced during his recovery. Whatever his reason for not wanting to participate in the coverage at Torrey, we are just happy to see he is making great progress in healing from his injuries.

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