Surprise Guest at ASU Game

ASU vs. USC Game Has A Surprise Guest

This weekend, Arizona State University hosted USC and a special guest was in attendance. And he brought along a little something to show off. Rahm’s alma matter welcomed him to Sun Devil Stadium where he proudly showed off his U.S. Open trophy.

Rahm and wife Kelley were special guests for the evening, and during one break in the action, went on the field to show off the hardware and take in a little public adoration from the fans.

“Great to be back here,” he said in a selfie video posted later while hanging out on the sideline.

Rahm won the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines in June. While at ASU, he won 11 times, second only to Phil Mickelson’s total of 16. He met Kelley, a track-and-field athlete at ASU so Saturday night brought everything full circle.

ASU was able to hold off their opponent to capture the win and turn things back around after losing a couple of games.

However, even with all of the excitement, there was another guest who stole the show. Shortly after the game started, a fox was seen running on the field in the endzone.

With the help of stadium officials, the fox was directed through a gate and escaped into the night unharmed.

According to, the fox apparently has a den in a butte near the stadium and comes over all the time to snack. Football fans are known to fumble popcorn, pretzels and peanuts. Those scraps are easier to catch than anything else the omnivorous mammals are likely to get their paws on.

“That fox has been in this place longer than any of these fans or coaches,” ASU head coach Herm Edwards said after the game. “He knows this place. I see him all the time.”

The Arizona Republic’s Greg Moore contributed to this article.

This article originally appeared on Golfweek.

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