British Open Weekend Update



That said, British golf will always be the best.
For a sport that so often is played on manicured lawns and palm-lined fairways—to see pros battling the elements in dingy conditions and looking miserable, it gives me an odd sense of pride. Yeah, that’s f*****n’ golf they’re playing.

While everyone else is inside sucking down Guinness and nestled up with a shepherd’s pie—the real ones are out there in the thick of it.
That said, you’re killin’ me on these time zones. 1a tee times on the Pacific… come ONNNNN bro!


Meet Paul Larsen, Head Greenskeeper




While this article did a solid job of rounding up the base level Twitter reactions.
“The man’s got fescue hair” easily taking top prize.
It was no surprise that Reddit won the day on their Paul Larsen takes…

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