Daly was Once Offered $1 Million to ‘Tank’ The Open

Match fixing has been around as long as bookies have been in business. For some, the chance at a huge payout outweighs the potential consequences should they be caught throwing the game. After all, big stakes means BIG money. There have been many infamous incidents in major sports throughout history.
Members of the Chicago White Sox helped throw the World Series in 1919, causing their team to face an embarrassing 9 – 1 defeat. All 8 participants were banned from the MLB for life.
Tim Donaghy, the former NBA referee who was accused of placing wagers on game he was officiating, was arrested in 2007 after an FBI investigation revealed the scheme.
So, it was not surprising to see an interview where John Daly sat down with Graham Bensinger to discuss his own experience with match fixing.

In the 5-year old interview, Daly recounted his run in with a bettor who offered to pay him one million dollars if he would lose the 1995 Open…on purpose. Obviously, the golf legend did not take the man up on his offer as he went on to win the tournament that year.
Daly explains that his pride and integrity ultimately kept him from taking the money and this is true for most golfers. Luckily, todays major win payouts are an added incentive for players to win on their own accord.