Concerns Holding Back Tiger Woods Golf Course Redesign

Concerns Holding Back Tiger Woods Golf Course Redesign

TGR Design, Tiger Woods’ golf course design firm, has faced intense criticism to their proposed makeover of Chicago’s Jackson Park Golf Course.

According to CBS, Chicago advocacy organizations are resisting the redesign of this course because of the quantity of trees that will be cut down.

These groups allege that hundreds of trees will be felled, in addition to the 800 trees that have already been felled as a result of the Obama Presidential Center’s construction.

The advocacy groups are asking for a vote on the future of the golf course, which is a natural beauty spot that Jackson Park residents do not want to lose.

Jeannette Hoyt is a co-founder of Save Jackson Park, an organization dedicated to preserving trees, air quality, green space, and the general beauty of this Chicago neighborhood.

“Why are we cutting this all down for a golf course,” said Hoyt.

“According to the schematics that we’ve gotten from TGR Design, all these trees, for the most part, will be gone. It’s so many trees.”

According to CBS, the TGR redevelopment project would result in the loss of the South Shore Nature Sanctuary and all of its trees. Some are said to be over 150 years old.

Hoyt has been collecting signatures on petitions to be submitted to the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners.

“Chicago residents should have the opportunity to say, in an open forum, whether the clear-cutting of 1,000 more trees is a good idea,” said Marc Lipinski from Southsiders for Trees.

Hoyt and other members of the advocacy groups want a referendum on the future of Jackson Park held in three precincts of the 5th ward during the approaching election in June.

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