fan hit by Matsuyaya Tee Shot

Fan Gets Hit By Matsuyama Tee Shot

In case you missed it, there was a scary moment for one fan during the second round of the Northern Trust Tournament last week. Hideki Matsuyama was on the 10th tee when he drove his shot wide where it bounced off the cart path and seemingly disappeared.



As the camera pans over, we see a fan standing awkwardly holding out his shirt. Turns out, after the bounce of the cart path, Matsuymama’s ball made a beeline for this gentleman’s shirt and he caught it! The man holds the ball in his shirt where Matsuyama approaches to assess the situation. The golfer is able to mark the ground with a tee, allowing the man to release the ball from his shirt without further interfering with play.
While Matsuyama opted to play a new ball on his next shot, he signed the ball the man had caught as a souvenir. The man was likely just thankful that the cart path was able to break up the speed before it came sailing in his direction. Either way, it was no doubt a cool experience for the fan.

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