Golf Analyst Trolls Tiger Woods Fans

Golf Analyst Trolls Tiger Woods Fans on Social Media

The first of the year is always a good time. Everyone tries to forget about the bad things that happened in the previous year on January 1 and look forward to a better year. A well-known golf analyst, on the very first day of the new year, has shared statistics showing that Tiger Woods’ career is coming to an end.

In addition to being a well-known golf analyst, Lou Stagner has gained a following on Twitter and through his podcast. With Mark Crossfield, Stagner hosts the ‘HACK IT OUT GOLF’ podcast for Apple.

The pioneer of big data and AI for golf, Arccos, hired him as their Data Insights Lead after his popularity grew. Fans were understandably enraged when Stagner shared the data that supports Tiger Woods’s career demise with the world.

Tiger Woods’ career is over?

Tiger Woods has just made a comeback through PNC Championship after surviving a massive car crash in February. Woods almost lost his right leg in the accident, and playing golf was nothing but a fantasy for him at that time.

But his form in the 2021 PNC Championship raised fans’ hope of his comeback as the old Tiger. But everything went downhill when golf analyst Lou Stagner tweeted the data that supports the fact that Woods will never win again.

As the tweet came from a well-known golf analyst, fans were eager to find out what the picture says. But even after waiting minutes, when the picture didn’t load, fans understood that it was just a joke by Stagner.

Funny reaction of fans of  Woods

Fans of Tiger Woods found the tweet to be funny. Since the source is genuine, most of them were ready to fight back.

Once the truth was revealed, they couldn’t help but admit that Stagner is witty and they got fooled because of his joke.

Although many appreciated the post, some are eager to see what Lou can do to outdo his tweet for the rest of the year.

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