Downhill Putt with Some Unexpected Help

Golfer Drains 200ft Downhill Putt with Some Unexpected Help

Garrett Clark, a YouTube video creator, was captured on camera in an incredible moment. He began sharing trick shot videos on Instagram a few years ago. They’ve been shared millions of times on social media.

Typically, he would set up ridiculous trick shots in his back yard, residence, driving range, or on the course for these movies.

His growth in terms of the number of subscribers to his YouTube channel has been meteoric since then.

He and the rest of the content makers – Good Good – have been invited to competitions all around the world.

They were invited to play in the WM Phoenix Open, when Clark played a tee shot on TPC Scottsdale’s iconic par-3 16th stadium hole.

Then, they were also invited to the Dubai Desert Classic by the DP World Tour. The squad came out on top in the Pro-Am.

Clark’s main channel has a total of 570,000 subscribers. The remainder of the crew also publishes a variety of content across their various platforms.

Last year, when one of the team members, Matt Scharf, hit a hole-in-one on a par-4, it became one of the most popular videos.

Clark did it recently. He sank a 200-foot putt, and the moment was captured on film.

How many times did you have to do this? Is it true? Something doesn’t feel quite right to me…

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