Introducing the Cobra Golf limited-edition

Introducing the Cobra Golf limited-edition LTDx Black drivers and King wedges

Cobra Golf has always acknowledged that players may prefer a different aesthetic for their clubs than what they normally offer.

In light of this, Cobra has released a limited-edition version of their LTDx drivers in an all-black color scheme. LTDx Black drivers are available in select lofts and flexes in all three LTDx models โ€” LTDx, LTDx LS, and LTDx Max. A blacked-out Lamkin Crossline grip and a UST LIN-Q white shaft are also included with each driver.

Pwrcor technology is used in the LTDx Black drivers to move as much weight low and forward as possible to provide high ball speeds. The new HOT face design features 15 separate zones with optimum thicknesses to increase ball speed throughout the face, and was created using thousands of virtual simulations. The drivers also feature up to 30% more carbon fiber and a titanium chassis than the previous Radspeed model.

With adjustable weights in the heel and toe, the LTDx LS model provides a low-spin profile for talented players with faster swing speeds who want maximum workability. With customizable weight settings to help golfers pick whatever attribute they wish to accentuate, the LTDx Max is more stable while maintaining maximum draw bias. With a center of gravity below the NA line and a MOI of 5,200, the LTDx is a cross between the LS and the Max.

The LTDx driver isn’t the only blacked-out Cobra product; the King Cobra Black wedges feature a satin black QPQ finish. The polish is long-lasting and reduces glare.

Snakebite groove technology on the King Cobra Black Wedges boasts 40 percent sharper groove edges to maximize spin, as well as varied groove types based on loft, including as full-face grooves on 56-, 58-, and 60-degree heads. Versatile, Classic, and Widelow grinds are available to maximize performance in a variety of playing situations.

Beginning March 18, Cobra Golf LTDx Black drivers ($599 each) and King Cobra Black wedges ($149 each) became available for purchase.

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