Is the Block Party Over So Soon?

Has Our #Blockwatch ended? Some are asking, let’s be real…should it? To that I say – Really so soon – are we already giving up?

Labeling it as a Day filled with up and downs is undeniable… I’ll let you decide. Well – Here are just some of Michael Block’s first-round Charles Schwab Challenge accomplishments:

  • Aiming towards the trees, he fired his first shot of the day deep into the bushes.
  • He hit his third shot of the day dead into a bunker and buried it.
  • Bladed a wedge 40 yards past the pin.
  • dealt with demands for photographs from his large fan base mid-round – this is not a pro-am it’s a PGA event – I am all for fan interaction but after every shot… 
  • drove a fairway wood to within four feet of the hole and made a birdie on the par-3 fourth hole. That’s right a 2 putt from 3 feet. 
  • His ninth-hole approach came within a foot of the hole.
  • Then On the 10th, he hit his approach shot off a bridge made of concrete for an all world up and in.
  • Almost every shot – good or bad – he swooned for a picture. The cameras and fans ate it up like a hearty breakfast.
  • Three of the last four holes he played were double bogeys.
  • Dropping the patented Phil thumbs up religiously to the fans – that’s Lefty’s move and always will be…

You be the judge – Real or Flash in the Pan…

After bragging to Bob Menery of the Ripper Magoo Podcast about his “world-class” short game the day before, he ended up losing roughly seven strokes to the field on and around the greens.

Scored an 81 (+11) and finished 120th out of 120 players, a mere four strokes behind 2nd to last place – 119th.

Head golf professional Block, 46, of California’s Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, is more talented than he appeared yesterday. However, he is not on par with the best players on the PGA Tour. His thrilling T-15 finish at last week’s PGA Championship was an outlier that, no matter how many invitations he receives from sponsors, is highly unlikely to be repeated on a major stage.

I mean, he’s entertaining, without question!  But damn it I wanted this ride to last a little longer. “That’s what she said” – Credit to the Legend Michael Scott

Blockie has the potential to grind some purists’ gears, like many interesting characters in media. His post-shot antics often come off as staged, and his self-assurance might read more like counterfeit confidence. This isn’t a judgment of his character; it’s just how he comes across in conversation, at least to some. Myself excluded for the record – I happen to love it and find it refreshing and extremely authentic!

The golfing press, and even the wider sports media, have put in extra time and effort to turn Block’s every dude appeal into views, and he has gladly accepted their attention. Announcer Smylie Kaufman claimed on yesterday’s Charles Schwab Challenge broadcast that Block had done at least 30 interviews between PGA Sunday and Colonial Thursday. Thirty! Read that again – Say what you will but the man is riding this ’till the wheels fall off. 

Online discussion on Block had been civil until Wednesday’s inadvisable Ripper Magoo appearance followed up by Thursday’s 81. Which, hear me out, I can see, but is no doubt disappointing and a shame. Let me be straight with you all – we shouldn’t beat the guy up – he is GOOD for the game and proof that every man has his day. However, now that Block’s golf game has crashed and burned, is it best to just move on?

Can we? Should we? Well screw it, I know for one I am watching this event today solely to see what he does and how he reacts after a round I would be a bit upset about as a 6 handicap. This week will be telling in his PGA run. Got my popcorn 🍿🍿🍿 READY! Go get em Blockie!