Jack Nicklaus applauds the rollback of golf balls AND also suggests one more BIG change…

Tell us in the comments if you are a fan or not so much… We reveal our insider take below 👇 – Spoiler Alert… Nah – Gotta read on to find out…

The legend. Undisputable. I mean come on, With 18 major championships under his belt, it’s safe to say that when Jack Nicklaus weighs in on hot topics surrounding the sport, people listen. I know I do…

Back in March, the USGA and R&A announced their plan to roll back the ball for professional golfers, a controversial move that would come into effect from January 2026.

One supporter of the move is the most successful major championship golfer of all time, with Nicklaus praising the decision this week while speaking with legend Annika Sorenstam on her SiriusXM showAnnika.

 “It’s what I call a good start. What they’ve done with the golf ball, you know, it’s gonna affect the Rory McIlroys and Justin Thomases maybe 14 or 15 yards. And they certainly can afford that. The average golfer maybe four or five yards. And of course, they can adjust themselves easily by moving their tee-up. It’s bifurcation right now, but I mean, ultimately I think they all will be playing the same golf ball.”

Off-topic, well kinda, I simply couldn’t resist – I love this every time I watch it. In yo face Mr. Logo AKA Johnny Miller. Sooooo if you haven’t seen this iconic moment where Jack nonchalantly walks up, takes a single look, and mic drops a 2000-foot put (OK – you got me – it was 102 feet with multiple tiers and breaks) you have to watch it!

However, here’s the rub…Ol’ Jackie boy is calling for more and has shared his wish that the governing bodies now turn their attention to the sweet spot on the driver. Now, you’re playing with our emotions Jack – Look we get you were playing with baby spoon drivers and balata balls but adjusting the ball to go less far and making it harder to stripe one off the 1st tee at the 4-man scramble, maybe, just maybe, are we trying to move the needle too far too soon. Just sayin’! The goal is to make things more fun, to make this game grow (and it has by staggering amounts since Covid), oh yeah, and probably most importantly get new players, and new viewers, not to protect records… Rant over. Shall we continue… Ok let’s do it – Buckle up!

“And, you know, the one thing they haven’t done, which I would certainly like to see ’em do, is reduce the size of the sweet spot on the driver, which is one thing they talked about doing and they didn’t end up making it happen. By reducing the sweet spot, it will make the guys have to be a little bit more precise and they just can’t just stand back, wail at it, and hit it anywhere on the club head and still see the ball go 300-something yards. They have to be a little bit more precise. And when they connect on it and hit it in the right spot then they deserve to get their yardage.”

What do you think of the Golden Bear’s suggestion, Insiders? I for one couldn’t disagree more. Addition by subtraction math doesn’t sit well with the kid.

YES – that just happened. I just referred to myself as the kid… Admittedly, I am not Ken Griffey Jr., but I do have a T-shirt that says “The Kid” on it with Griffs’ image. So, Yeah, I am kind of a big deal. Pics or it didn’t happen – copy that ghost rider, Alrighty then – Boom Done. Kid Out!

2 thoughts on “Jack Nicklaus applauds the rollback of golf balls AND also suggests one more BIG change…”

  1. I agree today’s golf pros are hitters not players I’d like to see them go back to have to shape the ball around the golf course not over it.

  2. Restricted flight balls for tour players is a good idea unless you like to see future major championships played on 8,000 yard golf courses. As far as smaller faced club heads, I would leave that alone. How many folks became better tennis players when Prince introduced the “big” racquet?

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