NCAA Florida Gators Golf – CHAMPS OR CHUMPS

The Gators Men’s Golf Team Had a Chance at the National Championship. How did they do you ask…well my fellow golf grinder, read on and find out! Rarely do we get to cover college golf, but we have our own hometown staff writer who was in the area and just happened to get the 411 while being on the course to watch the match unfold…

In a display of skill, precision, and unwavering determination, (Ok, maybe – just maybe pepper in a healthy dose of that Gainsville liquid courage) the University of Florida’s men’s golf team was prepared to ascend to the pinnacle of collegiate golf. That’s right, on this day June 1st, 2023, they had a chance to hoist the highly coveted national championship title. Call it what you will: countless hours of practice, strategic planning, and unwavering teamwork, or most likely a symbiotic concoction of all three, PLUS some good old-fashioned luck, these exceptional athletes showcased their prowess on the green with the goal to etch their names in the annals of golfing history (insert your best Tiger joke here).

Join us as we do a 2-minute recap of the gripping journey of the Gators’ quest to try to win the whole shebang while highlighting a few of their unforgettable victories and the jubilant celebrations that will inevitably reverberate across the nation should that come to fruition.


The University of Florida men’s golf team faced an arduous road to the national championship. Let’s just say it resembles the run of the Heat as an 8 seed in this year’s NBA championship series. Jeez, what’s in the water down there in FLA? They battled against fierce competitors from some of the best, and probably better on paper, universities nationwide. What made this run so great, however, they kept winning…Culminating in an improbable defeat vs. Georgia Tech in their final match-up.

Tirelessly honing their skills and embracing each challenge, the Gators exhibited remarkable resilience and relentless pursuit of excellence. In layman’s terms, they were CLUTCH! Anchored by head coach JC Deacon and their dedicated coaching staff, the team executed every facet of the game, from precision drives to delicate putts, and improbable up & downs – all cultivating a formidable collective skill set just good enough to WIN!

Their unwavering determination and tireless focus propelled them through regional competitions and qualifying rounds, ultimately leading to their remarkable and what some golf pundits would call improbable invitation into the national championship tournament.


Fred Biondi, the team’s esteemed captain, showcased nerves of steel as he closed out his match on 18, securing a critical victory over the Yellowjackets. The collective roar of the crowd reverberated through the course, encapsulating the euphoria of that defining moment. The roar could be heard from campus as the putt dropped into the cup. Equally remarkable was the exceptional performance of senior golfer Yuxin Lin, who closed out his match on hole 15 – securing the gator’s first point. These incredible achievements, complemented by the stellar performances of the entire team, solidified the Gators’ dominance on the national stage.


The campus transformed into a sea of orange and blue, as students, faculty, and alumni flocked to celebrate this historic achievement. The team was hailed as heroes, soon to be parading triumphantly through the street with the championship trophy held aloft. Damn, I knew I shoulda went to Florida this weekend – UGH!

The impact of this victory extended far beyond the university, inspiring a new generation of golfers and igniting a sense of pride and accomplishment throughout the entire Gator Nation. The University of Florida men’s golf team’s national championship triumph will forever serve as a testament to their Achievement. This HUGE win will undoubtedly shape the future of the Gators’ golfing program for years to come labeling Gators Men’s Golf: A program to be reckoned with…

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