JT Roasted By Fellow Pros

JT Gets Roasted By Fellow Pros After Workout Video

After a rough last season, Justin Thomas is looking ahead with some inspiring optimism. He remains hopeful that he will be able to tack on another major win after reflecting on his lackluster 2021 performance.

In preparation, he has made some changes, such as adding Jim “Bones” Mackay to the bag. Mackay was Phil Mickelson‘s longtime caddie, and he’ll make his full-time return to carrying the bag after a run as an announcer.

A recent Instagram post shows that JT has added hitting the gym to his 2022 strategy. In his video, Thomas shows off his moves during a recent session.

Oh, and this brought out the jabs.

First on the tee, LPGA pro and former U.S. Women’s Open champion Michelle Wie West.

Justin Thomas/Instagram

And, of course, if is workout-related, you just know Bryson DeChambeau was going to weigh in. DeChambeau has gone through a well-documented body change, adding 40 pounds of muscle to increase his swing speed and add distance — a lot of distance — to his game.

Justin Thomas/Instagram

Well, Thomas wasn’t just going to let that slide.

Justin Thomas/Instagram

Now we have to wait and see if Thomas will take the chance and post more workout videos or if he has learned his lesson.

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