Uchitel and Woods

Rachel Uchitel Reveals New Details on the Last Time She Spoke to Tiger Woods

Rachel Uchitel is easily the most recognizable of Tiger Wood’s mistresses and she is speaking out about the NDA she signed over a decade ago.
The story gained traction again after a recent documentary covering the golfing legend. In the film, Utichel reveals some never-before-heard details regarding their relationship and is now out $3 million dollars for violating her agreement with Woods’ lawyers.

Let’s rewind a bit and discuss what events led to the scandal heard round the world…

The Scandal Heard Round the World

In late 2009, The National Enquirer published a story that showed a suspicious encounter between Uchitel and Woods. The two confronted the golfer’s wife together to try and convince her there was nothing untoward about their relationship. After doing some covert research of her own, Elin Nordegren uncovered the illicit affair. There was a fight, swinging of a golf club, and a car crash which ultimately let the cat out of the bag.
Woods had been found out and his long line of extra marital affairs was dragged in the tabloids for weeks. Elin filed for divorce and soon, Tiger lost multiple endorsement deals due to the chaos surrounding his personal life. When Uchitel reached out to Woods, she was met with radio silence.
“None of the people around Tiger would answer my phone calls,” she complained in the documentary.
Uchitel began to feel as though she had been deceived as well. After all, the golfer had even told Rachel that he loved her. As you can imagine, this did not sit well with Uchitel as the media and fans publicly assailed her. As she prepared to go public with her own account of their relationship, Tiger reached out.
“It was the first time that I spoke to him since the accident. He told me that his lawyers were going to call about a settlement of confidentiality. He said to me, ‘get as much as you can.’ And I think to him, that was his only way to love me at the time,” she said.
After the call, Uchitel reached an $8 million dollar settlement in exchange for her silence. She received a lump sum of $5 million with an annual $1 million payment for the 3 years that followed. After Rachel was interviewed for the documentary, Woods’ lawyers refused to payout the remaining balance and are even fighting to get back the enter sum. They claim that the details she revealed in her interview violate the terms of the agreement and therefore, Ms. Uchitel should be entitled to nothing.
While she claims to be speaking out as a last resort, Uchitel is ready to stand her ground. We will wait to see how the rest of this drama unfolds.