Rules Controversy: What’s the Call?

The majority of amateur golfers can only dream of competing in, or even winning, a major tournament. They can, however, realistically expect to hit a hole-in-one at some point in their lives.

A hole-in-one doesn’t have to be a flawless shot; it only has to land close to the hole, and luck will take care of the rest.

Some people can have four or five hole-in-ones in their lives, but others, like myself, have never come close and are constantly yearning for the glory.

The individual in the video below looks to be still on the hunt for stardom. Have you ever seen a video with a more unfortunate outcome than this one?

The player has hit almost the perfect shot but the ball has embedded into the edge of the hole. It is one hell of a pitch mark they have made, but how has the ball not dropped into the cup?

It may be that the ball was rolling towards the pin and had settled in a hole on the edge of the precipice. I’m not sure if I could step back on a golf course after a situation like this.

Golf fans left their comments on the amazing incident:

“My golf courses intermediate cut better than that green,” one fan said.

“Is that hole in the rough?” one fan commented.

“Should win nearest the pin money,” another fan said.

“Been there, done that!!! It sucks!!” another fan commented.

“Thatโ€™s not a hole in one?” one fan said.

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