Spitting on the Green is Gross

Social Media Star, Manolo, Outraged By This Gross Behavior

In addition to spitting, Manolo Vega, the golf coach who has become an Instagram sensation, has a problem with snoring.

After all, we should all. It’s a disgusting habit in general, but it’s especially egregious on the golf course, particularly on the shorter holes.

Vega uses an innocent test subject to launch into a rant about how it’s ‘nasty’ to spit on the greens, despite the fact that the subject is completely innocent.

Watch the video below

“You can spit anywhere if that’s what you like, be nasty,” Vega says. 

“But don’t do it here bro. You don’t think that that is wrong?! Like seriously, did you skip this day of class bro?

“Did you sleep in? Did you play hookie so you could go smoke with your friends?”

Other golfers are encouraged to use their spit somewhere other than on the “dancing green,” after which Vega wipes it away.

After that, he signs off with the signature “dassit.”

It should come as no surprise that Vega has amassed such a large following on social media.

He exudes passion, is amusing, and exudes charisma. According to reports, he resides in Los Angeles.

Watch another Manolo Vega video

Comments on the video included:

“Nasti perros”

“Best one yet!” 

“Happened to me too, including fresh ones that were wet so it was a group or two in front.” 

“Not the dancing floor bro!” 

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