Wake Up – Wake up!!!  – Are you Watching the Ryder Cup Live? 

In the heart of Rome, Italy, the Ryder Cup is in full swing. Golf enthusiasts from both sides of the pond have gathered for this grand spectacle. The Ryder Cup, often dubbed the “Olympics of Golf,” is unlike any other tournament. It’s the battle of national pride, where players from the USA and Europe compete with their hearts on their sleeves and no prize money at stake.

This year, the tournament was unique not only for its location but also for the brutal time difference. For those back in the United States, watching live broadcasts is a true test of dedication, especially for East Coast fans like me.  I started ClickitGolf, love and follow the sport, but also need my beauty sleep!

I’m an ardent golf fan and work incredibly hard during the week, averaging 6 hours of sleep Monday–Friday. I was conflicted—do I set my alarm clock for 3 AM to watch the Ryder Cup live? The important question that could change mankind is, “To stay awake or not to stay awake?

This national golf debate raged on in golf households across the nation (whether you are a single person, married, or anything in between), and I found myself caught in a hilarious exchange with my golfing buddy and partner, Jason (a golf nut like me), who lives in California. Jason was in the same predicament but on a slightly more humane schedule, as the Ryder Cup started at midnight on the West Coast.

We decided to settle the matter over a video call. With bleary eyes and golf-themed pajamas, we appeared on our Clickit Golf Zoom screen (we love our custom golf background).  With two cups of coffee in hand, we humorously debated, “Why are we up?” and were their other golf fans going through the same predicament?

In our half-asleep state, it hit us… Wait, we can’t be the only ones struggling with the Ryder Cup time zones. There were legions of passionate golf fans in their shoes all around the country.

In the middle of their conversation, Jason received a text message from his friend, Ted, who lived in New York. Ted was one of those dedicated golf fans who could not bear spoilers and was determined to watch the “re-runs” posted on NBC TV during the day.

Now in a delirious state, we suddenly found ourselves engaged in a heated discussion about the merits of watching live versus avoiding spoilers, and our friends who didn’t check the internet watched TV as they didn’t want to learn the outcome before watching themselves on “re-run TV” as NBC airs the Ryder Cup later each day. We passionately argued about the thrill of experiencing the event in real time versus the luxury of a full night’s sleep.

Many of my golfing buddies had already made their choice to embrace their beauty sleep and relished the idea of watching the Ryder Cup without the agony of sleep deprivation.

Back in Rome, the Ryder Cup players were showcasing their extraordinary skills, blissfully unaware of the chaos they had sparked among fans across the world. The tournament’s passion and drama continued to unfold, regardless of whether fans were watching it live, sleeping peacefully, or waiting for the re-runs.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you watch live or sleep soundly. What matters is the shared experience, the camaraderie, and the love we all have for this game.   The Ryder Cup, with its fierce competition and endless drama, had a way of uniting fans across time zones, even in the silliest of circumstances.

And so, the eternal debate will “sleep on,” with fans across the globe making their choices, each one convinced that they have found the perfect way to enjoy the Ryder Cup. Whether you are a night owl or a dedicated sleeper, the Ryder Cup always brings something to cheer about, no matter the hour of the day or night!