Pro Accidently Hits Ball

WATCH: Pro Accidently Hits Ball on Practice Swing…Again

Zach Johnson struck his shot off the tee by accident. Again. This time, it was at the Players Championship this year.

He’s also a 12-time winner on the PGA Tour, including two major championships. The Masters and the Open Championship are two of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world.

It’s a career that belongs in the hall of fame. That is beyond a shadow of a doubt. However, perhaps a special reward should be set aside for him.

What was the name of the award? He may be the greatest ever at hitting golf balls off the tee by mistake. That’s not true. He is the best of all time.

Zach Johnson can’t and won’t stop doing what he’s doing. This is massive humor at its finest.

Dear Reader, Zach Johnson has outdone himself once more.

Johnson won the Masters at Augusta National in 2007, but his best moment occurred in 2019 when he struck his golf ball and it ricocheted off a tee marking by accident.

He performed it for the first time that day.

He isn’t one to be outdone by others. That achievement was duplicated by him. It happened again, this time at the WM Phoenix Open in 2022.

That one was different. He was loosening up a bit and accidentally hit the ball when he was waggling his driver. 

Which brings us to this point. This time, it’ll be at the Players Championship in 2022.

Just sit back, relax, and take it all in:

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