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WEEKLY BREAKDOWN: Embarrassing Misses, Biggest Regrets & a Rules Controversy

Embarrassing Misses & Biggest Regrets

The 2022 season is underway and we are pumped to see more of the action. Everyone was still talking about Cameron Smith’s record-breaking win at the Tournament of champions last week. He managed to hold of the World No. 1 while also posting the lowest score in PGA Tour history. Not everyone had such a great week though. There were some embarrassing misses and talks of biggest professional regrets.

See what happened in golf this week…


Early Walk-in Putt Goes Horribly Wrong

One of the most boss moves there is has to be the early walk-in putt. To walk toward the cup before the ball has rolled in shows the ultimate display of confidence. It’s one of our favorite signature Tiger Woods moves. Another pro has taken a page out of Tiger’s book. Kevin Na has also become known for his early putt retrievals. However, this time things don’t go as planned…



Lefty’s 3 Biggest Professional Regrets

Phil Mickelson has enjoyed a long and successful career so far. He and Tiger Woods rose in the ranks together since the 1990’s. Mickelson even took home the PGA Championship win last year at age 50. But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Lefty. Lately he has become known for stirring the pot on social media and using the platform to air some of his grievances. From the Ryder Cup to new driver length limits, Phil has been one of the more vocal pros. Here are what he says are his biggest regrets so far.



Rules Controversy: What’s the Call?

There’s nothing quite like the pressure of stepping up to the tee for your shot. If you have a group behind you, it can be tough to get out of your head and just focus on the basics. Then, you watch it fly and just know this one is going to be a beaut. As you head toward the green to gaze victoriously on your incredible lie, you see this. That’s what happened to one golfer and there was some back and forth between the ruling on this one. What do you think?


Berkshire's First Pro Tournament

Long Drive Champ Makes First Start in Pro Tournament

For any golfer who finally gets their chance to play in a pro tournament, there is a huge sense of pride in just being able to start. Kyle Berkshire is known for his gigantic bombs and has been dominating long drive competitions for quite some time. He’s even given fellow big bomber, Bryson DeChambeau a run for his money. But Berkshire has come out before and said that even though his name is almost synonymous with the long drive, he isn’t as lucky on the course. Well, that has changed since he made his very first professional start…


Jim Furyk is Ageless

Age is Nothing But a Number for Jim Furyk

The winner of 17 PGA Tour titles, among them the 2003 U.S. Open, shot an 8-under 62 Thursday to trail defending champion Kevin Na by one shot through 18 holes of the Sony Open at Waialae Country Club in Honolulu. Furyk is the second oldest player in the field (Jerry Kelly has him by four years) and punctuated his round with an ace on the par-3 17th, which came after making three consecutive birdies…


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