Time to replace your wedges

When You Should Consider Changing Your Wedges

Have you noticed that your wedges aren’t performing as well as they used to? Perhaps you’re seeing your shots start going higher than expected. Or maybe your ball just isn’t stopping as quickly as it used to. This all has to do with those grooves on your wedges and is something that happens to every set over time.
The more shots you take with your clubs, the faster your grooves will get worn down. If you often find yourself in the bunker, you will start to see their grooves flatten out more often. Most golfers will see that is happens somewhere between 75 and 100 rounds.
However, there are many factors that affect the speed of this process.

Improving Groove Technology

The Research and Development Team at Vokey are continuously working to improve their technology. They look for ways to help grooves better stand up to the normal wear and tear we place on them. Check out their wedge robot in the video below:

“Wedge grooves really do wear out over time, and that affects your spin control”, said Corey Gerrard, Director of Marketing, Vokey Wedges. “Wedges with fresh grooves lead to more precise shots. At Titleist, we make every effort to deliver the best performance and quality, including inspecting every groove on every Vokey wedge head, helping you maximize spin and stay on top of your game”.
Now of course, you could prolong the groove wear process by investing in a good groove sharpener. But ultimately it’s only a matter of time before you will need to replace your clubs altogether. Below is an image to show you the sure signs it is takes to freshen up your wedges.

The thought of buying a new set of wedges is likely to hurt you right in the wallet. But remember, fresh grooves will ultimately help improve your performance and scores.
As Kevin Tassistro summed it up, “By having a fresh set of grooves, the average golfer is going to have more control, more confidence and in the end, hit the ball closer to the hole.”
For more information on groove wear and how it impacts your short game, visit the Groove Wear & Spin Performance section on Vokey.com.

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