How many range balls should I hit before my round?

How Many Range Balls Should I Hit Before My Round?

If you are anything like me, you are either one of the two golfers below. Think Jekyll & Hyde. Obviously, depending on the what happened the night before and how many drinks you said you wouldn’t have (but DID) will dictate how you approach your round.
Bottom line…warming up before a round is very different for each player. Maybe you come screeching up to the course and jump out with your bag only to have time to stick your tee in the ground for your first drive. Or do you arrive 45 minutes before your tee time and go through a very regimented practice session?  Realistically, you are probably somewhere in between, just like all of us, depending on time and day.
Warming up varies more than anything else in the game and most golfers really don’t understand the best way to do it.

Here is our best advice on how to attack your golf round with an established pregame routine…

Luke Kerr-Dineen (one of our favorite authorities in the sport) of queried a few Golf Top 100 Teachers for their advice. Here is what they said about a warm-up session before playing which differs from a practice session.
1.  Do NOT start with the big stick
2.  Build up slowly to your driver. Start with your wedges.
3.  Swing at an easy tempo and increase (both club and swing speed) as you start to achieve your normal length.
4.  Keep it short and sweet. Don’t swing all your clubs. Hit 5 balls with your all your odd-numbered clubs. I always start with my 60, then PW, then 9, 7, 5, 3, and then move into the driver
5.  Randomize your targets. This changes your perspective and dictates where your ball needs to land. This will most accurately emulate a real round of golf.
6.  Focus on solid contact. This could, and IMO should be #1 – It is the key to scoring well.
7.  Always finish on a good shot. The mind needs to feel like “We got this” as you walk up to the 1sttee.

8.  Grab a beverage (especially in Summer, we all need to stay hydrated). Then head to the tee with the confidence of a thoroughbred going after the 3rd leg of the triple crown!
The number of balls that you hit should be guided by your feelings and mindset depending on what you want to accomplish. Remember you are just warming up your engine.  No need to hit 2 large buckets and get to the 1st tee fatigued after swinging 100+ times already. To read a more in-depth explanation of each point, click here.

Follow these 8 key checkpoints and I assure you a routine will be established. Just like a putting or pre shot routine, a warm up regimen is equally important to scoring, success and most of all ensuring you are loose and limber. Nothing worse than throwing your back out on the 4th hole after paying $125 for a premium round.

Enjoy and Hit ‘em straight!

3 thoughts on “How Many Range Balls Should I Hit Before My Round?”

  1. Tom Watson famously said he starts with long irons because they help him develop RHYTHM and TEMPO, and are slightly more difficult to hit—if you can hit these, then you’re ready for the shorter clubs—he then works his way back up the bag to short irons and wedges–‘jus sayin–lots of ways to skin a cat !

  2. Thanks for the advise, because that’s the way I do it. Being 75 it takes me that long to get lose. Knees and back require that much to get lose.

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