Tiger Wood's Warmup Routine

Tiger Woods’ Warmup Routine

Alright, we know it’s been awhile since we’ve seen the goat. Since his car crash, Tiger Woods has been laying low and focusing on his recovery. We came across this video that reminds just how much work goes into his seemingly perfect swing. Check out Tiger’s extensive warmup routine and get some inspiration for your next round.

Tiger’s Warmup Routine



Formula for Success

Tiger starts his pre-round routine by arriving an hour and fifteen minutes early to give himself enough time for a proper warmup. From here, he begins by warming up with some putts.
Here’s the breakdown:
– 16 one-handed putts
– 10 long putts
– 51 putts inside 15 feet
After he’s finished on the practice green, Tiger makes his way over to the driving range. He begins with working with his sand wedges for a bit before moving to his 8-iron to take about a dozen or so swings. Something else that is very important in Tiger’s routine is stretching. Golf is strenuous on your back so it is especially important to incorporate stretching and flexibility into your warmup routine to avoid injury.
Next up for the GOAT is ten swings with his 4-iron to get it nice and dialed in. While he takes breaks between swings, Woods glances over his yardage book in preparation for the different challenges the course has in store. After, he will work on his woods, although he takes considerably less swings than he did when working with his irons.
Once Tiger has taken a handful of swings with his driver, he heads back to the putting green for some more work on the green to ensure he is firing on all cylinders. By mixing in a little bit of everything from his bag, he get his mind and his muscles on the same page. With his pre-round routine complete, Tiger heads on to his first tee and this is where the magic happens.
So take these great tips from the man himself and see what it does for your next round!