Angry Golfers Anonymous

European Tour Pros Hold ‘Angry Golfers Anonymous’

The European Tour has one of the funniest creative teams around. They regularly post viral videos of Tour stars that run the gamut of concepts, from this post-Ryder Cup video of Tommy Fleetwood and Francesco Molinari waking up in bed together after the victory, to this star-studded spoof Zoom call from earlier this year.

Beyond a stellar creative team, the key to the videos’ success are the European Tour players themselves, who are a funny, talented bunch. Now they’re at it again.

For this week’s Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship, they created a video that took under 24 hours to garner a million views on Twitter. The conceit for the skit is an “Angry Golfers” group therapy session, a play on Alcohol Anonymous and anger management meetings, featuring several big-name pros.

Tommy Fleetwood leads the session, addressing each golfer one at a time and going over their anger problems on the course, and the steps they’ve taken to get better.

“Hi, I’m Tyrrell, and I’m an angry golfer,” Tyrrell Hatton says nervously as the video begins. Fleetwood introduces Hatton as a new member of the group who has made serious progress with his anger issues. Then the scene changes to Hatton on a putting green missing a putt and beginning an outburst before Fleetwood appears to intervene.

“Remember when you’re feeling glum…” Fleetwood begins, leading Hatton to transform his clenched fist into a thumbs-up and finish the sentence “pop up your thumb.”

Popular pro Eddie Pepperell makes an appearance too, and Fleetwood asks if he has anything to share, or if he’s “saving all his wisdom for Twitter.”

“I’ve not actually found anything that works for me yet. When I’m struggling, I usually revert to my vices,” Pepperell responds, before a clip plays of Pepperell eating chocolate in bed while typing away on his phone. “Take that keyboard warrior, f— you, troll, you’re not gonna get in my head.”

And that’s just the beginning. The video also features appearances by Matt Wallace, Henrik Stenson and Ian Poulter. You can check out the full thing below.

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