What the Pros Are Doing That You're Not

What the Pros Are Doing That You’re Not

There is a lot that goes into the mechanics of a good golf swing. Timing, body positioning, and swing speed all have an impact on every golf shot. Tour players have all but mastered these concepts which is why they are the ones getting the hefty paychecks.

No need to worry. It is entirely possible for you to be able to achieve the same results by simply adjusting your current strategy a bit.

Now, what you are asking is not going to come easy to everyone. Most of you will likely find it quite challenging to master the same methods used by the pros. You’re in luck though because Titleist staff member Jonathan Yarwood to help us out.

As Jonathan explains in the video below, a better understanding of where to move pressure, when to move that pressure and how to make room for the swing through impact can result in those pure, piercing iron shots you’ve always wanted.

Give Jonathan’s keys a try and let us know if they help you to crush it with your irons.

Pro Keys to Hitting Iron Shots

1. The pros don’t shift their pressure and weight too far away from the ball and they don’t turn too much or too early in the backswing. Amateurs typically do. The pros resist the turn of their body against the trail side and a braced trail leg, so their arm swing never gets too long. For pros, the shaft of the club rarely reaches parallel on iron shots.

\2. As they go back, pros are shifting their pressure earlier, changing direction towards the target. When the left arm reaches parallel to the ground, the pros already have more than 70% of their weight into their lead foot.

3. As the club approaches the ball the pros are opening their bodies, spinning, extending and rotating out of the way of the shot. Not only does this aggressive move help accelerate the club head, it helps the pros manage the club face and the swing path.

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