Happy Gilmore Attempt Goes Wrong

Happy Gilmore Attempt Goes Hilariously Wrong

If you are a golfer and have never seen Happy Gilmore, you need to stop reading immediately and go watch it. One of our favorite golf movies ever!

In honor of the movie, the Happy Gilmore Challenge was created where golfers attempt to replicate the ball crushing strike of the main character. It seems easy enough. Just hit the ball as far as humanly possible.

However, as a golfer you also know how tough it can be to hit that tiny white ball especially without the infamous golf waggle. The trick is to approach the ball as quickly as possible while staying in line. If you want the distance, you better strike it clean and hard.

There’s only one Happy Gilmore and he is the only one who can perfect this shot every time, but it has been made into an iconic challenge for many golfers to try themselves.

In the footage below, this man’s attempt at the Happy Gilmore drive goes very bad very quickly. He does not do the full run up and hit, but he does step into the shot in Happy style.

As he swings down at the ball, he misses the ball and this is where the situation escalates. His arms keep going and he brings the club back over his head.

The golfer has swung so hard that he turns his body completely the opposite way and falls to the floor. This is not even the end of the madness.

As he falls to the ground, his left foot kicks the ball off the tee. He had actually moved the ball further with his foot than he tried to do with his driver.

The man is in a heap on the floor and the video is made all the more entertaining because it has been posted in slow motion. The impact is very hard as he hits the floor of the tee box.

We do not know if he attempted the shot again, he may not have been in a fit state to do so after his crash landing. But there is a reason why this video went viral and that is because it is hysterical to watch.

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