Masters PSA

While this is the “umpteenth” year in a row where I failed to win the Masters’ ticket lottery, we here at ClickitGolf would like to offer the best advice to those of you who won the lottery for the first time and will have the amazing experience of going to the Masters.

This is NOT the Waste Management Phoenix Open. There is NO running allowed on the property. Also because its not the WMPO, you may NOT get drunk at Augusta. It could be easy as the price of both domestic and imported beers is $5.00, but security will escort you away if you are visibly intoxicated.

You MAY bring a camera for practice rounds. You may not even think about bringing a camera or even a cell phone for tournament rounds. If player is on the course, whether it is a practice round or a tournament round, do NOT ask for an autograph. That rule does not apply to the Wednesday Par 3 tournament.

Respect the seats. A tradition at Augusta is that you may bring and place a folding chair on course first thing in the morning. While you may find yourself adjacent to 18 green looking at a sea of empty chairs, if its not your chair, don’t sit in it.

Most importantly, if this is the first time you won the lottery and have Practice Round tickets to the 2024 Masters…it doesn’t mean you can actually play a practice round. Don’t be this guy.

This gentleman received a practice round ticket. He brought his clubs.