JT's Awesome Michael Jordan Anecdote

JT’s Awesome Anecdote About Gambling with Michael Jordan

It seems as though there are a treasure trove of crazy gambling stories from some of our favorite celebrities. Stories of big money and hard losses circulate every once in a while and remind us just how the famous can be. Certainly, the average person wouldn’t dream of playing fast and loose with their hard earned cash. One of the most recent tales to emerge comes to us from Justin Thomas’ younger years. We must admit, this one tops the list.

Michael Jordan, along with his friends, would quite often go down to the Harmony Landing Country Club in Kentucky for a game. This is where JT’s father, Mike Thomas, was, and still is, the professional head golfer, thereby, also making this JT’s childhood playground.

Not many people know that Thomas actually used to assist Jordan on the course when he was a young teenager. However, when he was 16, he dropped the bag, picked up the club, and played alongside the NBA legend. Notably, this was where his tale began.

Justin Thomas caddies for Michael Jordan

At 16, JT had already started the upward journey in his career. Back then, he was already the youngest ever to make it on the PGA Tour after his performance in the Wyndham Championship in 2009.

Thomas recalled“I was riding with MJ. When we got to the first hole, he said, ‘Go get your clubs.’ He told them, ‘Alright, I’ve got the little man. We’ll take whoever wants us.’ There’s eight people. He wouldn’t tell me the game; he said I didn’t need to hear that.”

Remembering his smaller stature at that age, he said everyone teased him. This was until he smashed four birdies in the last seven holes and ‘drummed ’em pretty good’. “He just made me feel comfortable. I’d played in some big national tournaments, but that was the biggest deal I’ve ever played in. It was pretty cool. We had a pretty memorable day that we still talk about,” he added.

“He always took care of everybody tipping, so let’s just say my tip was a little bigger that year,”  he concluded.

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